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Sarah Price Hancock (pt 1) Ep #31: Surviving Shock Treatment

Sarah Price Hancock (pt 2) Ep #32: Surviving Shock Treatment

Sarah Price Hancock (pt 3) Ep #33: Surviving Shock Treatment

Episodes #31 - 33

Ep #31: Sarah Price Hancock (pt 1): Surviving Shock Treatment


Sarah received 116 shock treatments and 37 combos of psych meds due to misdiagnosis. 

The impact of showed up years later as delayed electrical injury and it has affected Sarah's speech, memory and mobility

Ep #32: Sarah Price Hancock (pt 2): Surviving Shock Treatment


At the end of part 1, Sarah had gotten dizzy and had to lay on the floor. The change in her voice was dramatic.

We pick up with Sarah already reclined on her sofa as she tells about finally getting a correct diagnosis.

Ep #33: Sarah Price Hancock (pt 3): Surviving Shock Treatment


In part 3, Sarah talks about fungal overgrowth in her stomach and the toxicity it caused, how she overcame akathisia, and the post SSRI sexual dysfunction treatment that restored her sex drive.

Show Notes - Episodes 34+

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