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Ep #33: Sarah Price Hancock pt 3: Surviving Shock Treatment

In this trailer Sarah talks about psychosis caused by antibiotics.

Show Notes


Lost 100+ pounds


One of the pictures Sarah sent, she was much larger - her underlying illness of hepatic encephalopathy, and treatment caused metabolic syndrome from 5 classes of psychiatric meds - at her her heaviest, Sarah weighed 250 pounds - once she got off those medications and starting eating micro-nutrition she lost some weight - when she was finally diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy and the correctly addressed her fungal infection, she has steadily lost weight - she has dropped more than 100 pounds - she's now at 135 pounds, same she weighed in high school


They didn't realize she had fungal edema and what she was eating was also putting stress on her liver, even though liver tests showed normal, when she started treating her liver, her health vastly improved - but Sarah had been living with overgrowth of candidiasis from over prescribed antibiotics - so anti-fungal meds and herbal protocol helped


Her doctor's website is - he describes how over prescribed antibiotics can cause fatigue, auto immune, and other issues - and approaches psychiatric issues as an autoimmune problem, from an orthomolecular view, looking at toxicity issues and a variety of things


Sarah started see this doctor in January 2017 - and started his diet outlined in his book "An Extraordinary Power to Heal" by Bruce Semon - Sarah was on all 5 steps of the protocol at once - it is usually an elimination approach, but since Sarah was so sick, her doctor recommend she do all 5 steps at once - but Sarah had a kidney infection and was on 3 rounds of antibiotics and even though she'd been without psychosis for 5 years, by the 2nd dose of antibiotics she was in full blown psychosis - her psychiatrist wanted to put Sarah back on psych meds, but Sarah pointed out the psychosis manifested with the antibiotics


Sarah then met the candida doctor, Dr Semon, and he said it was candidias and she laughed at the idea it was causing her problems - she didn't know there were 20 illnesses that could cause her symptoms - Sarah thought it was all a dopamine issue, so her eyes were really opened - Sarah has seen this doctor turn people's health around - Sarah was catatonic from the antibiotics for the kidney infection, and Dr Semon immediately recognized and gave Sarah to big pushes of IV glutathione


Sarah went from asking the nurse to give Sarah her brain back, she thought the nurse had put it in a jar on the shelf and that was why Sarah couldn't move her arms and her body - an hour later after the IV glutathiones, Sarah was ready to go to work




Previously, Sarah had gnarly responses to some medications, she'd have akathisia where she couldn't stop pacing and felt like fire ants coursing through her brains, and extreme agitation and behavior like screaming at her colleagues - but an IV of ALA (alpha lipoic acid) would calm Sarah's body quickly and relieve her of psychiatric issues


Compared to how her body slowly responded to pysch meds, an orthomolecular approach was so much quicker - whereas they use ECT when people are depressed, catatonic, agitated, etc because it is a 'rapid response' treatment, Dr Semon says give them an IV of glutathione or ALA (depending on symptoms) - so its faster than ECT without the brain damage


We need to encourage psychiatry to get back to their roots of orthomolecular approach - trauma cannot be treated with ECT or psych meds - research shows trauma causes physiological changes to the gut biome - the are more neurotranmitters in the gut then in the brain


The myriad of problems associated with dietary, hormonal, toxicity, trauma can be addressed orthomolecularly - Sarah says she cannot take ALA orally as it causes gnarly symptoms - but it is a precursor for glutathione - when Sarah takes ALA via IV, it has a nice calming effect


Sarah has seen patiens come in with mixed mania, so all the symtpoms of depression and mania, agitation, impulsivity, irritation etc and hook them up to IV of ALA, and they would calm down - its important to eat before ALA IV for blood sugar reasons - she would watch their brain calm and rest


A lot of doctors don't know what they don't know, and they are focused on one paradigm and everything they look at looks like a nail because they have a hammer - in reality, sustainable healing uses an entire wellness toolbox to create personal medicine - recognizing what helps and gathering those activities can mitigate suffering


Sarah does recognize the need for medications - she had psychiatric symptoms, and psych meds made her worse, but she did need anti fungal meds to relieve her psych symptoms - there are so many ways we can get sick - they had a client with a son with ADD, ADHD, behavioral problems 


The son's bedroom was beside the bathroom, and when they opened up the wall, it was full of black mold - the entire family had been impacted, the father was being treated for 'treatment resistance' depression and had ECT for it - but it was mold mycotoxins in their home - the son was in his 20s, and they don't know how long he'd been exposed to black mold - the family had to move for their health


Orthomolecular Medicine


There are so many things we don't know about - mold is insidious - people with mold exposure don't realize they have to start from scratch, they can't bring clothing etc to a new home


Mold only needs warmth and moisture to grow, so you can't bring mold spores to a new home without eventually having problems again - Orthomolecular Medicine (OM) looks at micronutrition, phospholipids, minerals, vitamins, tissue and cell structure and addresses those insufficiencies and aims for balance


An interesting book by Dr Carl Pfieffer at Princeton's Brain and Bio Clinic - its a 100 page book and he outlines 27 different causes of psychosis /schizophrenia symptoms, and only 1 of those can be addressed with anti-psychotic meds


We need to address the underlying cause of their symptoms - how symptoms manifest is dependent on individual genetics - for 1 person is toxicity may manifest ADHD or arthritis - it depends on the person's unique vulnerabilities - but if you can address the underlying cause, sustainable healing can be achieved


Sarah cycled through 37 different combinations of pysch meds before they found a combo that 'worked' - even then she was still hearing voices, seeing things, mood problems, just not as extreme as previously - whereas with addressing the underlying issue will be life enhancing as the symptoms will go away and there is real recovery, if you're not damaged by other treatments


In Western medicine they don't recognize the up or down regulation by the meds, so when the meds are removed, the 'brace' is removed


You wouldn't wear a brace or a cast for longer than you needed to - when the meds are removed or changed over night, they expect the patient's nervous system to immediately re-regulate


Patients may think their symptoms are returning, but what's really happening is the removal of meds has a paradoxical effect - there is little research of the longitudinal effects of antidepressants or antipsychotics - so removal of meds causes withdrawal syndrome


Sarah worked with Dr John Humiston ( noticed with her candida overgrowth, that if they supported her body with nutrients, she could negate the withdrawal symptoms - it makes sense if you think of the CNS as being damaged, but then giving it proper support to function and heal


Sarah witnessed a lot of people going through treatment - it is called neuro-recover infusion of NAD with amino acids - there are 5 different formulations of neuro-recover - the QEEG scans of before and after neuro-recover were dramatic


Neuro-recover infusions


The withdrawal symptoms people experienced were reduced by 60 - 70% --- Sarah had been in protracted withdrawal syndrome for 2 years before she tried neuro-recover, and immediately it turned off her akathisia, and within days she started sleeping again, instead of 30 minutes at a time - she was able to sleep for 4 hours, and as treatment progressed, Sarah got 8 - 9 hours of sleep at night


When the body gets the nutrition is needs, it can re-find its homeostasis - Scott mentions his interview with Daryl Brown about 'post SSRI sexual dysfunction' (PSSD)


Sarah says she also experienced PSSD but the neuro recover infusion formulation solved that - and Sarah began experiencing a sex life she never knew was possible 


Sarah symptoms are spiralling down - she recently lost windows of good health when sitting up - it looks like she's going to be living a life in a reclined position, which doesn't leave her with many options to get out and enjoy life - it limits what she can do with her family, what she can do in life - but she's tapped into the disability community for support - at this point, people with electrical injury do not have rehab resources


Sarah is working to change that, and is hoping to do it before she's unable to - (Sarah's petition for ECT regulation and standardization) - Sarah is looking into CCI, but there are not sure what to do about the brainstem injuries


Sarah says brainstem auditory evoked potential testing is important for electrical injury - they overstimulate auditorily and see how your brain responds - also show you moving patterns and see how your brain responds


VNG (videonystagmography) testing - cameras measure how pupils react to light, movement, tracking - they can detect brain stem and central nervous system (CNS) issues


When Sarah had problems with one side of her face, her eyelid drooping - she asks 'was that a myloclonic seizure? We have to look at these issues for people with history of electrical injury or ECT - autopsies in animals and humans connect with symptoms seen in people - cranial nerve damage affecting speech, gait, etc


Having evoked potential testing will help determine problems - having a 3T MRI (and eventually 7T) with special sequencing - SWI for micro-hemorrhaging - D3T MRI to see how things are moving 


Also MRA sequencing on MRI shows blood brain barrier - research showed that 7 of 12 cats were not damaged by ECT - but they didn't say that the other 5 cats died and their blood brain barrier did not reseal


Electrical sensitivity


So how many humans with ECT had a blood brain barrier that didn't re-seal -- for Sarah, any odours can trigger symptoms, so she has to keep a very clean house with few chemical cleaners - her brain is no longer protected from these odours


Sarah's sensitivity to smells kicked in at the same time the delayed electrical injury kicked in, so they are related - Sarah has to careful in public places - she has many air cleaners in her house, completely re-did the HVAC system with extra filters that Sarah changes every 2 weeks


The majority of buildings don't routinely clean their buildings or their HVAC systems - or exposure to perfumes can cause symptoms - recently she went to a pancake breakfast and sitting 5 feet from the propane stove


She was fine for a short while, but then her speech began to slur, Sarah stood up and fell over - anything she breathes in goes straight to her brain


Sarah says it is important for people to know that ECT / shock treatment needs standardization and regulated - she needs more signatures on the petition - it is an international petition and will be sent to all English speaking countries - it can be translated as Sarah has partners to translate - it is important we have these discussions in a public forum 


Sarah says she's gleaned info from the other interviews - and that her doctor's eyes almost popped out of her head when Sarah brought her the CCI info - its weird and exciting that different mechanisms of injury can cause similar symptoms


Scott asks Sarah final question: what is something nice you're doing for yourself today? Sarah is excited to go to the international car show because they have an entire mobility section - Sarah is going with her husband to look at accessible transportation so Sarah can get out of the house and integrated into the world


Sarah is thankful for the gift of tickets from the San Diego car show, because without the gift, they would not be able to afford to go because all their money goes to testing, treatment and medical expenses - but is excited to get out of the house with her husband