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Life is Better using these Tools


Willpower is like a Muscle

The more you use it, the stronger it gets. But it also gets tired when used intensely or for long periods. The Willpower worksheet will help you identify how you will train your brain to make your willpower muscle stronger.

Stress is the enemy of Willpower

Processes to manage stress. Find out what works for you.

Using Willpower in the Moment

How to stop what you don't want and start what you do want.

Going for the Goal

A worksheet to clarify the good and not so good things about your goal.

You will identify the challenges, as well as your hopes, moving you toward a next step on the path to your end goal.

Know thy self. Grow thy self.

What is your body telling you? What is your mental monologue saying? What are your feelings telling you?

Self control flows from self awareness.

Clarify your values. Do what is meaningful to you.

What is important to you? In a perfect world that rotated around you, what would you be doing?

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