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Lisa Jones Show Notes


This episode is no longer available.

As others have learned, whistleblowers pay a price - professionally, socially, financially - and emotionally.

Unfortunately, this episode guests’ trauma and PTSD from health care experiences continues to profoundly impact them. They had hoped that by sharing their story anonymously, others would not experience the same health care trauma. 

And many people on social media did commiserate with similar traumatic health care experiences, however, the knowledge that the guests’ story was public weighed heavily on them. No doubt concern for future access to safe health care was a consideration. 

And I understand - sick and disabled patients are vulnerable enough without having to worry if local health care workers are going to seek revenge for speaking publicly about harmful and dangerous health care experiences. 

Until the medical system values transparency, and devalues arrogant god complexes, whistleblowers - especially sick and disabled whistleblowers - will continue to be intimidated and punished for speaking out about harmful health care. 

This must change.