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I first became aware of the ubiquitousness of medical error through reports from counseling clients. Mostly near-misses and minor physical harm, but greater psychological harm and growing distrust of doctors and the medical system.

Often it was incredibly ignorant / hostile / discriminatory communication. Too frequently it appeared to be gaslighting of the patient.

Then I had my own experiences with medical error. The impact was great and still reverberates to this day. 

That is why I started the Medical Error Interviews podcast: to bring patient voices to the public to effect change in the medical system and increase patient safety.


Ep #1 - Jeff Wood: Medical error becomes medical abuse

Ep #2 - Gregory Hartley Brewer: Whistleblower vs Goliath - Lyme denied, health care denied

Ep #3 - Donna Penner: Patients nightmare: Awake during surgery

Ep #4 - Kelly Anne Branco: The Gift of Cancer

Ep #5 - Brian Hughes: Psychology in Crisis

Ep #6 - Lisa Alioto: Misdiagnosis, Myths & Medical Errors

Medical Error Interviews - Show Notes

Ep #1: Research from his Death Bed: How Jeff Wood saved his own life.


Jeff Wood's story is both unique and common. 

The unique part is how he researched his own symptoms to get a proper diagnosis from his death bed.

What is common is the years of disbelief by doctors, and the abuse he endured when at his most vulnerable.

Ep #2: Gregory Hartley Brewer: Whistleblower: Denied, Delayed, Denigrated in the UK.


Gregory was repeatedly for years told he didn't have Lyme disease in spite of his symptoms.

For years he suffered with symptoms as he was denied Lyme treatment.

Eventually he did get a Lyme diagnosis, but his health care would take an ominous to turn toward lies, cover ups and criminal behaviour.

Ep #3: Donna Penner: Every surgery patients nightmare: Awake during surgery.


Donna Penner was having routine surgery but something went horribly wrong and  through the failure of her anesthesiologist - Donna was awake during her abdominal surgery, but also paralyzed so she couldn’t tell the surgical team. 

Donna could feel every excruciating scalpel cut, and the surgeon moving her internal organs around.  

Ep #4: Kelly Anne Branco: The Gift of Cancer


"The Gift of Cancer" - these are the words of Kelly Anne Branco - and in this interview she shares how the medical error and cancer diagnosis have lead her on a journey to take those tragedies and make a greater meaning personally and through patient advocacy. 

The medical error impacts every aspect of Kelly Anne’s life, but she has adopted an attitude that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Ep #5: Brian Hughes: Psychology in Crisis


Psychologist and author Brian Hughes talks about his book "Psychology in Crisis" and the weak psychological science in his field.

We chat about the infamous PACE Trial in the UK as a prime example of how bad psychological science can lead to a globally embedded medical error causing harm and trauma to people living with the biological illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Ep #6: Lisa Alioto: Misinformation, Myths & Medical Errors


Lisa Alioto is a U.S. lawyer who trained hard and climbed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Unwittingly to Lisa, conquering that incredible physical challenge would mentally prepare her for even bigger physical - and medical error - challenges.

Ep #7 - Felicia Mahmoud: White Coat Terror Victim

Ep #8 - Conrad: Brain Injury from Antidepressant

Ep #9 - Paul Smith: How a somatization 'diagnosis' almost ki

Ep #10 - Varda Burstyn: Willful Denial Chemical Sensitivity

Ep #11 - Andrea Vedeler: Health vs Wealth in Norway

Ep #12 - Elizabeth Hopkins: "Please kill me."

Ep #7: Felicia Mahmoud: White Coat Terror Victim


Felicia thought she was getting minor surgery on her ankle.

Without her consent, and while she was unconscious, the doctor cut out chunks of her calves and implanted mesh in her legs.

Ep #8: Conrad's Story: Adverse Drug Reaction and Doctor Denial


Prescription drugs are ubiquitous.

What big Pharma doesn't want you to know is that some people get injured by them. 

Sometimes permanently.

Ep #9: Paul Smith: How somatization 'diagnosis' almost killed him


Physicians frequently dismiss patients' report of physical symptoms as psychological.

For Paul, this so-called diagnosis meant years of suffering as physicians ignored his symptoms, failed to run tests, and failed to provide treatment.

And it almost killed him.

Ep #10: Varda Burstyn: The Willful Denial of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Varda has multiple - catastrophic - medical errors in her family.

An author and environmental activist, Varda shares about living with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and how the willful ignorance of MCS by the medical system is criminal.

Ep #11: Andrea Vedeler: Norwegian health care makes some patients sicker - sometimes permanently.


Andrea Vedeler is quite ill and very disabled - she is only well enough to leave her home about once a month.

But Andrea has a Hobson’s Choice: Live at a work place rehab institution for a month - or live without income.

Ep #12: Elizabeth Hopkins: "Please kill me." How patient shaming by doctors harms and kills.


Elizabeth had abdominal pain. The doctor shamed her for seeking medical support.

Turns out Elizabeth had a ruptured bowel and the infection was spilling into her abdomen. 

But worse medical care was coming...

Ep #13 - Mike Eisenberg: To Err is Human

#14: Stacey Roy: "I refuse to go to the ER to be humiliated"

Ep #13: Mike Eisenberg: To Err is Human - A documentary


Documentary filmmaker Mike Eisenberg profiles the Sheridan family, who have been devastated by multiple medical errors.

Mike shares how he is continuing the legacy of his late father and patient safety pioneer, Dr John M Eisenberg.

Ep #14: Lisa Jones: "I refuse to go to the ER to be humiliated" - Life with a complex illness.


This episode is no longer available. 

As others have learned, whistleblowers pay a price - professionally, socially, financially - and emotionally.

Unfortunately, this episode guests’ trauma and PTSD from health care experiences continues to profoundly impact them.