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Ep #29: David Moore pt 1: How to fight cancer and more

In this trailer, David talks about getting a cancer diagnosis and how that impacted his health journey.

David Moore pt 1 - Show Notes


Childhood trauma


David was born in 1970 and grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida - David thinks the 70s were a great decade - but his home life was more like bombing in Vietnam - David suffered serious child abuse, emotional trauma, emotional neglect, molested by a babysitter, and on and on


David has 3 older brothers, and they were all drug addicts and highly abusive - David's mother was raped by her father for 10 years - she suffered from narcissistic personality disorder and took it out on her kids - it was an emotional Vietnam - but, from the outside, no one knew what was going on and narcissists are very clever - David's father was aloof and an engineer with NASA and was never home - David loved and adored him


That left David struggling in adulthood - and that can be attributed to traumatic brain wiring, making people more susceptible to addiction - they never experienced unconditional love - childhood trauma is a scourge upon the world, they pass it onto their children - David thinks about 40% of Americans have childhood trauma - but David did have an idyllic childhood, he made sure he was rarely home


David's focus became to empathize with everyone in an effort to understand what was going on - by the time he was 15 he decided to dedicate his life to helping other - he realized all his friends parents were messed up and that messed up the kids - alcoholics, drug addicts - but they were all rich white people, nobody was poor 


David couldn't understand until he was in his 40s and realized that his parents suffered childhood trauma too - his mother's abuse was extreme neglect, he was a 'mistake' and she didn't want to have him 


David thinks the neural connections didn't connect because he wasn't nurtured, as a result David has a form of autism - but it enabled him to detach from his mother's abuse - and that helped him survive that - he then focused on his friends and getting them away from adults


David's father was David's stability - he adored David, but he didn't speak much


David suspects his father was on the spectrum - he was a loner, didn't socialize - David didn't know until after his father died, that he was in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II, and he was in the CIA his whole time - he was aloof, didn't share a lot - his cover was an electrical engineer working for different government contractors


The childhood neglect caused him to scream a lot - he would wake up screaming - all the screaming created a high arch narrow palate, and that created a cranio malformation - so David's bite is totally unique


Stage 4 stomach cancer


David's bite cannot be adjusted because of the malformation - the cranio malformation is called left side bending rotation made it so his left and right mandibular joints were out of place, but not causing pain, but dysfunctional in the sense they weren't normal


As a child David was a sugar addict, and in visiting dentists, he noticed that it was insanely painful - he had a lot of mercury fillings on his upper arch - but they would fall out, he would swallow them - Florida is a weird state


Dentists were drunk and haphazardly prescribing opiates like candy - at 16 he was given percocets - he developed a hatred for dentistry due to all the trauma with them as a child - when he moved to Las Vegas, the veneers on his teeth had cracked and they had to put on a crown - his 2 front veneers are from diving into a shallow pool and breaking his teeth


In Vegas they put on a crown, David is in immense pain, they give him more pain meds, they give him a root canal - the root is so infected and stinks so bad people in the room faint - David realizes the dentist let him suffer for months when he knew David needed a root canal - then David gets Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease and manifested as acid reflux


The Celiac disease caused David to vomit small amounts during the night and his stomach acid ate away his enamel - because celiac was undiagnosed for 5 years he developed stomach cancer - that's when David started to figure things out, the beginning of his journey - the cancer had covered up his stomach villi and he couldn't absorb food and started to starve - by the time he's diagnosed he's in stage 4 cancer and only given 3 months to live


David continues to eat and gets bigger and develops a bowel blockage - they wanted to do chemotherapy but David didn't have insurance - this was in 2014 before Obama Care - David decided to go raw vegan and ingest marijuana - he had read that it can kill cancer, especially if it is localized - it took him 5 years to get cancer-free


To make marijuana bioavailable from eating, it has to be de-carboxylated - breaking off a carbon atom so the cannabinoid can be utilized - so it just has to be heated up for the right amount of time, then ingest and it has huge effects


It is also a psychotropic, as a result neural pathways are decalcified and promotes neurogenesis - most people release their power to a doctor, and David never did that - for the last 7 years of his dental nightmare


Doctors are treated as gods - it is like the wild west - where is all the wisdom? - now doctors are all entrepreneurs and want to make money and pay off their student loans and feel superior to everyone else - what happened to old school dentistry?


Dental PTSD


Re marijuana for cancer, David says all the doctors he's talked to, dismiss it with disdain - they deny and delude themselves - if they ever faced the fact that they do more harm than good, they'll have to take responsibility for their actions


David is dealing with the cancer and dental issues at the same time - he'd been to over 30 dentists in 5 years, 99% in the Las Vegas valley - cranio malformation creates crowding of his lower front teeth and that caused pain


The pressure was pushing his teeth outward - even breathing was causing extreme pain - Obama Care had started and that allowed David to access a dentist 


David sees a dentist who says he can fix David's upper 6 teeth - David goes for the procedure and is given pain killers and novocaine and as he's upside down in the chair, the dentist starts a hard sell for a full mouth reconstruction - David is scared, dealing with PTSD but says 'no' - the dentist convinces David to do the upper 10 teeth


"HMO" is a type of health insurance but if forces you to go to a HMO doctor - it allows HMO dentists to 'drill for dollars' and make a lot of money - they've been doing it for decades


They try to do as many procedures in as little time as possible to make as much as possible - David experiences extreme pain - just before the dentist finishes, he decides to shave down David's bottom teeth without David's permission - he shaved off 3 - 4 millimetres - as a result, the dentist had changed the guidance of David's mouth, impacting all the muscles in his head


That caused lower back failure and a bulging disc - David had been seeing an Osteopath doctor - to David, osteopathy is the only effective medicine in the world0:30:15When osteopathy is combined with an ovo-vegan diet, and marijuana, 80% of disease can be reversed - doctors of osteopathy is about energy


Osteopathy doctors are also MDs, but do 4 more years of education - can prescribe like a regular MD, but also have comprehensive understanding of how the body systems work together - they manipulate energy so the body self heals and reaches homeostasis


The osteopath helped bring David back into balance and out of pain of a herniated disc within 3 weeks without pain medication or surgery - back to the dentists: 2nd dentist tries 3 temporary over 11 months, and pushes David to pay $50k for a full mouth reconstruction


David saw a number of other dentists, who did not want to treat him or be involved - he finds out that there is a continuing education dental school in Nevada and they teach full mouth reconstruction as a way to help headaches, TMJ pain, etc


Filing complaint with the dental board


TMJ = mandibular joint pain - the school tells dentists that will increase your revenues by more then 50% guaranteed - 


They call this 'occlusal science' - but there are other occlusal schools out there and they are awesome - the Dawson Academy is a good school - 'occlusion' just means 'bite' - and if your bite is off, you can get headaches and other problems - to fix that is not about full mouth reconstruction, it is about fixing the bite, and that's what prosthodontists do


Prosthodontists go to an extra 3 years of school - but now there is a for-profit education system that teaches regular dentists about occlusion, and the Dawson Academy is a good one - their approach is 'minimally invasive, one tooth at a time' - David says that if a dentist wants to do more then 1 tooth at a time, they may screw up your bite, and they they'll recommend a full mouth reconstruction for $50k+


Industry experts say the one occlusion school in Las Vegas is the problem, they practice 'voodoo' science - so everyone knows what's going on, but no one is doing anything about it - its about the money - going from $500k a year income to $1 million, that's a huge bump


There is no standard of care, its crazy - so David figures all this out and speaks out, as a result they attack, avoid and not help David - so he's going to multiple dentists, some of them speak to him off the record


As a result, David has been working with the governor to revamp the entire board licensing system in Nevada - David files a dental board complaint - in every US state there is a dental board that is supposed to be overseeing the dentists and protecting patients, but that's not what happens


For the last 30 years, all the dental boards in America all have licensed practitioners on the board - so that means dentists are overseeing dentists - but they are all in on the game of 'drilling for dollars' - so standards of care can't be developed, they are convoluted - the problem is the for-profit motive, where doctors and dentists have to make money but at the same time are supposed to be helping people


But they cause irreversible harm, and irreversible harm allows them to make money of that patient for the rest of their life - and that's the problem with dentistry - David's dental board complaint is denied, they side with the dentists in spite of egregious conduct


The Nevada dental board assigns one investigator, and that person decides everything - there is no review of the decision, no oversight of the investigator - so a lot of power - that investigator is assigned by the director of the dental board, and that investigator depends on the investigate fees


Exploiting elderly patients for profit


Now Governor Sisolak has come in and is changing the game - he's passed a bill, created a commission with check and balances - their plan is to reduce health care costs and protect patients, so they are a patient protection commission - 90% of all health care dollars are spent in the last 3 years of life


That means old people are being experimented on and exploited so hospitals, doctors, administrators can make money - the medical device industry, the pharmacological industry and hospitals / doctors have joined forces to bankrupt the country and profiteer off of that


Family members of elderly people are shamed into doing anything to keep their relative alive, not realizing the probability of getting better from next procedure is so small they are essentially torturing them with fear - and patients will consent to any thing to stay alive


Add that to medical error being 3rd leading cause of death - that's about 300k in the US per year, plus another couple hundred thousand that didn't get recorded - half of those errors are pharmacological - because doctors are so siloed none of them are looking at the whole patient


They should focus on the whole person - we're risking old people's lives so the hospital and medical industry can make money - the other half of medical error deaths are from infections 


The animals we eat are all fed antibiotics, so we are continuously exposed to a low level of antibiotics and that empowers the bad bacteria in our microbiome - David says this causes 80% of all disease


David says all disease starts in the gut - David says that red and processed meat are the 2 biggest factors to diabetes


The microbiome is through our entire body - mouth, lungs, stomach, organs - that means all kinds of bacterial DNA in our body, in fact, there is more bacterial DNA then human DNA in our bodies - that means we have to work with the bacteria - 'bad' bacteria is only 'bad' when it dominates the microbiome - and it gets bad when its fed meat, bread, dairy and sugar


That diet makes the more 'bad' bacteria who feed off their own bile - they excrete a toxic chemical that causes inflammation, that triggers the genome, that triggers disposition to disease - that's basic epigenomology


If your grandparents are poorly, you become more susceptible to diseases - it skips a generation - poor diet leads to inflammation making a person even more susceptible


We are in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, and if we do not feed the 'good' bacteria with fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes then we will never be in balance with good and bad bacteria to reach homeostasis which promotes natural healing - when we're not in homeostasis our body in under attack - probiotics are good bacteria


Cannabinoid power


Why don't probiotics work? Because we're not feeding them - the most effective prebiotic foods are raw garlic, cooked onions, and asparagus - these are 3 most effective foods, they contain lots of inulin - green bananas have non-soluble starch, a prebiotic - the most effective prebiotic is bioavailable marijuana


The cannabinoids empower the good bacteria so they produce more bacteria and bring homeostasis twice as fast as any other way - the plant material is considered a prebiotic because its hard to digest, like garlic and onions, and that's what the good bacteria like - warning: at beginning of prebiotic diet you may suffer from extreme gastritis


Probiotics are good bacteria, prebiotics feed good bacteria - so eating a lot of prebiotic food, may have to burp during the night, but only lasts a few months


David's saying that there is a medical error in that medicine is not paying enough attention to the microbiome and diet in relation to disease - surgeons, to this day, think organs in the body are sterile, but there is tons of bacteria on the organs - but in surgery, they are introducing bad bacteria and that's when everything goes to hell - we're 50 years away from this information being disseminated in the educational system, a deeply flawed system


A system so flawed that the FDA was founded by a bunch of petrochemical engineers - and pharmacological research being funded by for-profit companies that feed into the medical education system, and the professors are selling out for money to please the 'overlords', so the whole system is being corrupted from its foundation and it has been since its founding - they believe in ingesting petrochemicals is a medicine - we're devastating the microbiome in our guts and making us more susceptible to disease


Just look back in time, there had been a rise in disease - everything changed in the 90s with the introduction of GMO - and herbicides and pesticides became even more used and they've known since the 60s that they were detrimental - when they introduced GMOs, they began dousing our wheat with...


...a chemical herbicide from Monsanto - GMO, genetically modified organisms, they'll splice in DNA from bacteria into a plant to make it resistant to the herbicide so they can douse a whole field with herbicide and not kill the (corn, wheat, barley) plant - as a result, all our crops are sprayed with a glyphosate 2 weeks before harvest to create a greater yield of the plant


Then we eat all this bread with the herbicide and it kills all the bacteria in our gut - a cascading effect - David calls this a 'Nazi-esque eugenics program' designed to kill off all the old people while profiteering off their suffering - the most prolific form of evil today is modern medicine - these young surgeons thinking they are god incarnate and when someone dies on their table, they go into total denial as to their responsibility


David's touched on 3 medical errors: his experience with the dental industry; the food we grow and eat and its impact on our microbiome; and the over-treatment of the elderly for profit - David was also taking care of an elderly friend who recently died. David was caretaker for the last 15 years of a friend who was his Department Chair when David was an adjunct professor at UNLV - about 3 years ago she was diagnosed with aortic stenosis...

Part 2 of interview with David Moore coming next week.


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