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FAQs - Things to know



Your privacy and confidentiality is important to me. Trust is key in our collaborative relationship.

Our sessions are not audio/video recorded. Any session notes are kept secured on a private computer. 

Meet in my Zoom room

I will send you my Zoom room link so we can video chat. Remember to turn off your phone so we're not interrupted.

Cancelation policy

Full refund more then 72 hours before our appointment. 50% refund if more then 24 hours before our appointment. Sorry, no refunds for less than 24 hours notice. All funds are in US dollars.

"I" statements

I will encourage you to use "I" statements in our sessions. This is about owning your thoughts and feelings, and gets us away from the habit of speaking in the 3rd person about ourselves.

Work the process

You are more likely to meet your goals if you implement the tools and strategies so you have clarity on your path to success. 

Spirit of Motivational Interviewing

I believe you have the answer to your problems, and I facilitate that process to get to your answer.

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